Deadline date 7 of December

For day For 3 Days
Normal 10 euros 30 euros
Federated* under 20 years including 4 euros 10 euros
Federated* over 20 years  6 euros 15 euros
Includes (1 per person)  ————– T-shirt
———————————– ————–
Accommodation 1 euro
4 Meals (last day lunch offer) 25 euros

*Federated on FPO or FEDO.

To register

In OriOasis or

Send an email to info@coc.pt with:
-Accommodation (yes, no and the days intended)
-Federal number
-What days are you signing up for?
-Proof payment (if you have already done, else you should send a new email with the proof)
-Size T-shirt (for registration for the 3 days or in case you wish to buy)
-Want or not the meals

Bank: Caixa Geral de Depósitos
Agency: – Av. Marquês de Pombal – Leiria
Account Number (NIB): 0035 0394 0000 4000030 10
IBAN: PT50 0035 0394 0000 4000030 10
Additional costs related to transfers will be imputed to athletes.

Entry valid only after payment is received.

Only 90 vacancies are available.

Value includes accommodation with bunk beds (only has the mattress), with a value of 1 euro per day for maintenance.

Refunds are possible. Until 30 September is returned 100% of the value, until  15 November is returned 85% of the value, until 30 November is returned 50% of the value, after 30 November refunds are no longer possible.