General Info


– At arenas athletes will find every necessary infrastructures (secretariat, informatics, bar service, WC, babysitting, first aids, results, speaker, etc).
– During Urban Night Sprint there won’t be bar service.
– If you are thinking about using babysitting service during the vent, please check the corresponding option during your accreditation process.

Sleeping floor

– There will be sleeping floor available at Penamacor Municipal Sports Hall.
– Opens: 16h00 – February 15;
– Closes: 16h00 – February 18.
– It demand previous inscription at Ori-Oasis platform.
– The athletes must bring their sleeping bags.
– It will be forbidden to use competition shoes inside the sleeping floor.
– It will be forbidden to cook inside the sleeping floor.


–  There are several possibilities for accommodation near the races.


–  Showers will be at the Sleeping Floor


–  In the forest races, the Babysitting will be at the Arena:
–  There will be no Babysitting during the Urban Night Sprint.

Model Event

– There will be model events in four different maps: Memória / Anascer
– Maps will be distributed during the accreditation at the Event Center.
– Please select the option “Model Event” during your entry process. In other wise you may don’t have a map for you.

World Ranking Event

– The Long Distance on February 18 (day 1) will be an World Ranking Event

Elite Classes

– The Male Elite class may be splitted in two, depending of the entries. The best of World Raking at 2018 January 31 will run M21SuperElite and the remaining in M21Elite


– All athletes must use the PIOM2018 bib, given during the accreditation
– Only athletes with POM’s official bib correctly placed on the equipment are allowed to start the race

Change SIcard number

– Any SIcard change must be done before the start in the secretariat. It will not be allowed any start with changes of information not validated previously at secretariat.

Start times

– It won’t be allowed any change of start times in event days.
– In case of any constraint related with start times (example: need of an early start time in the last day) please write it down during the entry process.
– Open classes and formation classes won’t have start time, they will have a time interval where they can start with “START” box.

Race time limits

– The time limit for Long course is 3 hours, for the Middle distance is 2 hours and for Urban Night Sprint is 1 hour.

Fair Play

– At the end of each course athletes can keep their map, therefore Fair Play is requested to all participants..

Chip Control

– Chip Control will be done with Sportident


– The final results of PIOM 2018 will be defined by the sum of points of the 3 races of the competition (Middle, Sprint and Long).


 Prices for the 5 first in W21E and M21SE.

PIOM 2018:
– Prices for the first 5 athletes of Elite classes.
– Prices for the first 3 athletes of each competition classes.
– Prices for the first 3 best clubs.
– Prices for the first athlete for each open classes (Easy Short, Difficult Short, Easy Long and Difficult Long)
– All W/M10 and W/M12 runners will receive a gift, whatever their classification

Sport insurance

– Athletes affiliated in POF are covered by POF insurance
– National and Portuguese resident non-affiliated athletes are covered by POF insurance.
– Foreign and/or non-resident athletes are not covered by any insurance. They should provide for their own security and insurance


– PIOM2018 will be regulated by Portuguese Orienteering Federation regulation. In presence of any missing case we will apply the IOF rules


– The dead line for complains presentation ends 30minutes after the end of the athlete race.