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Due to  the Covid-19 pandemia that devastates the entire world and consequently, our country and region, it is necessary to adapt procedures related to the organization of the race itself,

Until the last Thursday before the race (72 hours before the event) the document ‘’Competition risk assessment’’ will be published, based on the rules defined by the DGS, Portuguese general healthy organization, at that time, being a document mandatory to be followed by all athletes



The COC – Clube de Orientação do Centro will organize the 4th edition of the Leiria City Race in 27 March 2022, a long-distance urban orienteering event, disputed in a single stage, scoring for the Euro City Race and the Portugal City Race circuits.

Participation is open to federated and non-federated athletes, both in competition levels corresponding to their age at december 31, 2022 and in Open levels.

Participation in the Competition levels is done individually, while participation in Open levels can be done individually, in pairs or groups.


Leiria urban área mapped in ISSprOM 2019 between May and July 2021, by cartographer Rui Antunes. PArt of the área was already mapped while other araes had never been mapped.

The new mapped areas are shaded in Orange. In yellow is showned the areas that were mapped before and where the previous editions of Leiria City race had already taken place.


Map used in previous events