Registrations deadlines


Competition classes – Until 20 of March 2022 at 23h59


Training classes, Open and Ori Family – Until 22 of March 2022 at 23h59.


Deadline for registration in the Training, Open and Ori-Family classes

After this date, the registration Training, Open and Ori-Family classes are subject to the availability

of maps, so it is advisable to do it preferably until 22 March.


The participants registered in the Training and Open classes after 22 and until the the 26 may not be included in the start list that will be published on the competition’s website after Wednesday, 23.

How to register


All athletes must register their entries using the platform OriOasis or trough mail info@coc.pt (for athletes non federated in FPO).


In case of doubts or problems please contact the organization by mail info@coc.pt



Information needed for an entry


– Full name of the participants
– Birth year
– Club name
– Country
– SportIdent Card number (if the participant already has one, otherwise one will have to be rented*)
– Entry class for each participant– Entries for Open classes can be done until the day of the event, although conditioned to the availability of maps.

– Telephone number

*SI-Card Rental: 1,5€ for competition and formation classes. Losing or not returning a rented SI Card implies payment from 30€ to 60€ depending of the model.

Note:In open classes participants can do the events in groups or alone. However, even in groups each person pays their entry, once has their own map and classification.


Entry Fees:

Competition | Open (> 20) – 5,00€

Competition | Training | Open (< = 20) – 3,00€

Schools – 1,50€

Event Ori Family– 4,00€ (per family untill 3 persons) + 1,50€ for each extra member.

SI Card Rental

Classes of Competition, Training and Opens – 1,50€

Event Ori Family – 1,00€

If you want to use a SIAC, (proximity dialing system), the rental will be 3€ for all classes.


How to pay:

The entries feed has to be done by 2:59pm on Thursday, the 24th of March.

The athletes must send their proof of payment by e-mail to the organization (info@coc.pt).



The payment of the entries can done by bank transfer, credit card, reference MB, paypal ot MB WAY, selecting one of those options in the OriOasis platform during the registration process.

Payment in the day of the event at the Secretariat must be avoided.


Payments by bank transfer should be made to the following bank account:

Bank Name: Caixa Geral de Depósitos

Agency: Leiria – Marquês de Pombal
IBAN: PT50 0035 0394 00004000030 10


Bank Account Owner:
COC – Clube de Orientação do Centro

Payment process:

If you have made an Express Entry in OriOasis, please include the Express Code on bank transfer description.

For full club payment, please indicate the club name on bank transfer description.
For partial club payments, please include the club name and athlete list in the confirmation comment, or send us an email (info@coc.pt) listing all athletes included in the payment and the confirmation as attachment.

Notes:For all bank transfer you make, please send us a bank transfer confirmation by home banking services or by email to:info@coc.pt

All transfer expenses should be supported by the one ordering the transfer. Any transfer expenses charged by the bank to the Organization will be added to the club open fee.