Message from the president of Penamacor’s Municipality:

Penamacor will, once again, be the stage for an international orienteering event. Since the partnership between Penamacor’s municipality and COC (Clube de Orientação do Centro) was formalized, about four years ago, with the organization of Portugal “O” Meeting 2016, we have been working on establishing Penamacor as a European destination for this sport. Considering the dimension and quality of these events and the number of participants, ascending to seven hundred at PIOM 2018 (Penamacor International Orienteering Meeting), we don’t hesitate to reinforce and consolidate this partnership. With the joint organization, by the Municipality and COC, of PIOM in TrailO, a competition that is a preamble to the World Championship that will take place on the neighbor municipality of Idanha-a-Nova, we intend to reinforce Penamacor as a reference destination for national and international athletes, who can find excellent conditions to compete and train here during the entire year. For the first time, Penamacor will be the stage for a European Cup Trail Orienteering competition, an inclusive sport, transversal to any type of physical condition. As PIOM in TrailO is an international competition, it is a great way of bringing new people to this municipality, which has exceptional characteristics for the practice of this inclusive sport. Furthermore, I have no doubts in saying that the Penamacor’s municipality, situated on the border of Portugal, is a land of good and hospitable people. Its villages, colorful parts of the natural heritage, preserve much of the picturesque charm that time and history provide. The village of Penamacor, with more than eight centuries of existence, is almost as old as the Portuguese nation itself. Its medieval castle and its churches, its alleys and houses scattered through the hillside seem like coming out of a postcard. The landscape is fantastic! We await you for PIOM in TrailO!

António Luís Beites Soares,

President of Penamacor’s Municipality


Message from the president of the Portuguese Orienteering Federation:

On the 22nd and 23rd of June 2019, an ECTO event with a TempO and a PreO stage will be held in Penamacor.

This event will be on the weekend before WTOC 2019 and on very similar terrains so it will be an excellent training opportunity.

Organized by COC, one of the most experienced Portuguese clubs, and on a typical interior city with astounding landscape, rich and vast gastronomy and a very friendly community that will be happy to welcome you all, this event has all the ingredients to be a success.

Therefore, on behalf of the Portuguese Orienteering Federation, I wish you all a warm welcome to “PIOM in TrailO”.

António Amador,

President of the Portuguese Orienteering Federation