Technical Informations


Class Controls Timed controls Length Climb Map scale Time allowed
Open 20 1 x 3 500 m 0 m 1:4000 75 min
Para 20 1 x 3 500 m 0 m 1:4000 75 min

» Timed controls at the end of the course.

Zero tolerance:

For an answer to be Zero, it will have to obey one of the following conditions: being at least 4 meters from the correct location; being in a different element or being more than 135º from the position indicated on the control description.

Terrain and map:

Mediterranean terrain with open and semi open areas and a good variety of rocky and contour details. Course on paved road with low slope (see photo below).

Attention: Due to cleaning works on the field after cartography was ready, there will be some knolls on the terrain that won’t be cartographed


During the PreO competition, there will be a quarantine to prevent communication between athletes that have finished their race and athletes that haven’t started yet. Thus, all the athletes that haven’t started yet must be inside the quarantine by 14:30 (closing time).

The quarantine will be outside with tents, bathroom and bar.

It’s not allowed to take maps or electronic devices into the quarantine, except for a watch.

There will be a tent near the exit of the quarantine where the athlete can put his/her belongings when he/she leaves to the start, picking them up after completing the course.

Answering system:

SI Cards will be used to register time and answers and athletes shall use their own. In case of need, the organization will have extra SI cards.


– The organization will provide volunteers to assist wheelchair competitors along some parts of the course

– All the Para athletes can be accompanied by an escort, following the rules of fair play, only communicating with the athlete when necessary


Applicable rules follow the Portuguese Orienteering Federation’s (FPO) competition rules for 2019. Missing cases will be decided by the organization based on the IOF regulations.


– The deadline for submitting complaints is 15 minutes after publication of the results.



5 stations with 5 tasks each; Time limit per station 150s


Mediterranean terrain with open and semi open areas and rocky and urban details.